Ecosystem Genomics Seminar Series (Spring 2020)

Date, Time, Location TBD

Date Location Speaker Title
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Ecosystem Genomics Seminar Series (Fall 2019)

Thursdays, *3:30-4:30* pm

BIO5, Keating Bioresearch Building 103

Thursday Location Speaker Title
August 29 Keating 103 Christiane Werner, University of Freiburg Tracing plant volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and CO2 metabolism from sub-molecular to ecosystem scales by13C-labelling (watch live seminar via zoom)
September 5 Keating 103 David Baltrus, UA Plant Sciences How Biogeography Shapes Microbiome Structure (watch live seminar via zoom)
September 12 Keating 103 Lingling Shi, University of Göttingen Competition and complementarity of agroforestry components by carbon sequestration in soil: 13C labeling and tracing (watch live seminar via zoom)
September 19 Keating 103 cancelled cancelled
September 26 Keating 103 Johnathan Williams, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Mainz Measuring Volatile Organic Compounds from 325m over Amazon jungle (watch live seminar via zoom)
October 3 Keating 103 Moira Hough (UA) & Gemma Purser (CEH, Edinburgh) Hough: Stable isotope tracing of litter through microbes and C-fluxes across an arctic permafrost thaw gradient; Purser: Bioenergy forests: A story about Eucalyptus and air quality in the UK. (watch live seminar via zoom)
October 10 MRB 102* Jennifer Wisecaver, Purdue University Honor by association, leveraging co-expression networks for gene discovery in specialized metabolism (invited) (watch live seminar via zoom)
October 17 Keating 103 Nemiah Ladd, University of Freiburg Hydrogen isotopes of lipid biomarkers: using multiple compounds to disentangle ecological and hydroclimate signals
October 24 Keating 103 Jordan Krechmer, Aerodyne Research Developing Mass Spectrometry Instruments to Investigate Environmental Processes
October 31 Keating 103 Jane Fudyma, UA Tfaily group & Kathiravan Meeran, U Innsbruck, Bahn group Preliminary Soil Organic Matter Data Reveals Transition Zone and Spatial Differences within the Biosphere2 Tropical Rainforest Soil Profile (Fudyma) Effect of summer drought on the coupling of photosynthesis and soil respiration under current and future climate (Meeran) (watch live seminar via zoom)
November 7 Keating 103 cancelled
November 14 Keating 103 cancelled
November 21 Keating 103 Marco Lehmann, Swiss Federal Institute, WSL On the oxygen isotopic signature of plant assimilates (watch live seminar via zoom)
November 28 No seminar (Thanksgiving recess)
December 5 Keating 103 Michaela Dippold, University of Göttingen Soil Fluxomics: Using position-specific labeling to unravel the metabolism of divers microbial communities in soils (watch live seminar via zoom)

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     Ecosystem Genomics Seminar Series (Spring 2019)

           Thursdays, 2:00-3:00 pm, Drachman Hall A120

Thursday Location Speaker Title
Jan 17 Drachman Hall A120 Dr. Koenraad Van Doorslaer,UA, ACBS Metagenomic insights into the evolution of viral oncogenes (Link to video recording)
Jan 24 Drachman Hall A120 Dr. William Burgos, Penn State, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Acidic Pit Lakes of the Iberian Pyrite Belt, a Meta-Omics View
Feb 14 Drachman Hall A120 Dr. Bridget Barker, NAU Detection and characterization of Onygenalean fungi associated with prairie dogs in northern Arizona
Feb 21 Drachman Hall A120 Dr. Betsy Arnold, UA, Plant Sciences How fungal symbionts of leaves and seeds can influence the structure and function of plant communities (Link to video recording)
Feb 28 LTRR, Rm 110 Dr. Liana Burghardt; Ecocsystem Genomics Faculty Candidate From genes to communities: The legume-rhizobia nitrogen-fixing symbiosis
Mar 14 Drachman Hall A120 Postdocs: Dr. Alise Ponsero, BSE; Dr. Clairessa Brown, SWES Ponsero: The promises and pitfalls of machine learning for detecting viruses in metagenomes. Brown: Understanding the ecological processes that influence microbial communities in arid soils  (Link to video recording)
Mar 21 Drachman Hall A120 Dr Jennifer Wisecaver, Purdue University CANCELED Eco-evolutionary genomics of toxic algal blooms
Mar 28 Drachman Hall A120 Dr. Kerry Cooper, UA, ACBS Food safety genomics: applying next generation sequencing to resolve pathogenesis and epidemiology of foodborne pathogens (Link to video recording)
Apr 4 Drachman Hall A120 Dr. Albert Barberán, UA, SWES A bestiary of data visualization (Live Stream)
Apr 11 Drachman Hall A120 Dr. Luciano Matzkin, UA Entomology Genomic, physiological and behavioral consequences of adaptation to local ecological conditions (Live Stream)
Apr 18 Drachman Hall A120 Dr. Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Principal Research Scientist, MIT, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Using ecosystem models to explore controls on marine phytoplankton diversity (Live Stream)
Apr 25 Drachman Hall Rm. A120 Dr. Paul Carini, UA, SWES Understanding the soil microbiome with high throughput microbial cultivation (Live Stream)

Ecosystem Genomics Seminar Series (Fall 2018)

Thursdays, 4:00-5:00 pm in BIO5 area

Keating Bioresearch Building & Medical Research Building

Thursday Location Speaker Title
August 30 Keating 103 Scott Saleska, UA EEB The promise of ecosystem genomics for advancing our understanding of earth system processes: Four challenges
September 6 Keating 103 Malak Tfaily, UA SWES Towards a better understanding of microbial-organic matter interactions and their controls in dynamically changing systems (Link to video recording)
September 13 Keating 103 Bonnie Hurwitz, UA ABE Where does the holobiont begin and end? The relationship of host genetics and the microbiome in colon cancer. (Link to video recording)
September 20 Keating 103 Rod Wing, UA Plant Sciences Harvesting 15MY of Oryza genome evolution to help solve the 10-billion people question. (Link to video recording)
September 27 MRB 102 Laura Meredith, UA SNRE Microbe-mediated trace gas fluxes: an ecosystem genomics approach to link genes to atmospheric composition
October 4 Keating 103 Rachel Gallery, UA SNRE Predicting microbial activity in soils: How can remote sensing tools help? (Link to video recording)
October 11 MRB 102 Susannah Tringe, Department of Energy, Joint Genome Institute Linking sequence to biogeochemistry in wetland carbon cycling
October 18 Keating 103 Julie Neilson, SWES Soil Microbiome Resilience in Arid Ecosystems (Link to video recording with and without audio transcript )
October 25 MRB 102 Katrina Dlugosch, UA EEB Genomics of plants and their associated microbes: evolution of species interactions and its potential role in plant invasions
November 1 Keating 103 Jana U’Ren, UA ABE Linking phyllosphere fungal community assembly, evolutionary history, and metabolic diversity to ecosystem function
November 8 MRB 102 Ecosystem Genomics Postdocs Short presentations by the students and postdocs of the Ecosystem Genomics Initiative
November 15 Keating 103 Russ Monson, UA Tree Ring Lab The Semantics of Ecosystem Genomics (Link to video recording)  
November 20, Tues* MRB 102 Duke Pauli, UA Plant Sciences Phenomics: Bringing the lab to the field
November 29 Keating 103 Regis Ferriere, UA EEB Modeling microbial evolution to improve our understanding of ecosystem function (Link to video recording)
December 6 No seminar No seminar (reading day)
December 13 Keating 103 Brendan Bohannan, U Oregon Linking metagenomes to ecosystem functions: what can we learn from genotype-phenotype mapping in organisms? (Link to video recording)
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