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What is the UA Ecosystem Genomics Initiative?

Cluster Hire in Ecosystem Genomics at The University of Arizona

Some of the most challenging issues in understanding the components and processes of natural and managed ecosystems have a common foundation in gene-environment interactions.  We are hiring five new faculty members to contribute to the development of a new program in ecosystem genomics at the University of Arizona.  We are searching for new colleagues at all appointment ranks who share an interest in developing active teaching and research programs in the structural, functional and/or evolutionary genomics of ecosystems. For additional details click here.

‘Ecosystem Genomics’ is a nexus for coalescing University of Arizona strengths in environmental science, ecology, genome-enabled science, and “big data” cyberinfrastucture to address grand challenges. Near-term the grand challenge is to scale biological information from genes to ecosystems, simultaneously advancing theory and practical solutions to problems ranging from global change to human health.

A UA Ecosystem Genomics Initiative (UA-EGI) has been established to form a nucleus to facilitate synergy, innovation, and new partnerships that would help grow this cutting-edge area for engagement and attract resources that are beyond the reach of single investigator.

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